08-16-2013 - Mark and Amanda Waks - Pedro Alicea - Metropolitan Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland Wedding/Event/Portrait Photographer
  • Mark and Amanda contacted me to do some engagement shoots after I had put up an ad. With such a great looking couple, how could I say no? After making arrangements, we decided to do the shoot in Georgetown.

  • I think you can see how much Mark and Amanda love each other. Shooting with an off-camera flash held by my assistant off to the side, it was really easy to make the photos pop!!!

  • We found a really neat alleyway that was simple yet elegant. The next few shots were taken with them just being themselves

  • A little dog came by to help bring some more life into the shoot. Even though Mark and Amanda stopped posing, I couldn't stop shooting!!!

  • Mark and Amanda were a great couple and I sincerely hope that their marriage is as great as this photo session was!!!

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