08-18-2013 Bruges and Belgium Day 3 of Project 365 - Pedro Alicea - Metropolitan Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland Wedding/Event/Portrait Photographer
  • I recently went on a trip to Brussels, Belgium for work. I had an opportunity, during some downtime to take some photographs. Belgium is a beautiful country, the people are awesome and the scenery is breathtaking. This river flowed in Bruges, a town about an hour from Brussels. Bruges is known for keeping it's medieval feel and is a tourist hotspot for Belgium.

  • Believe or not, this place is a restaurant. I have found that the people of Belgium are not as uptight about sex as Americans can be. Below, you can see more decorations.

  • Three women work the bar, I wonder if there is any symbolism there.......

  • Outside of the famous, Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier. This was their window dressing. Their name says it all which allows their workers to have some fun.

  • This little guy just came up and was making sure that I wasn't breaking any laws. I showed him my passport and he allowed me to go on my way, to Bruges.

  • Bruges was spectacular and the people were amazing. There were musicians everywhere. This group was playing Adrian Willaert and other , a composer from Bruges. They were fantastic and I listened to them for about an hour. Afterwards, they had a break.

  • Inside one of the beautiful cathedrals that are throughout Bruges. I wanted to preserve the sanctity of the place by not taking too many photos, however, the altar by the side was too beautiful not to share.

  • And outside of the cathedral, the world goes on and is doomed.. Hope you liked the trip!!! Please like my page at http://www.facebook.com/pedroaliceaphotography and if you ever have any photographic needs, let me know!!!

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